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Club Soccer

All players, on both Select and United teams, are expected to follow these 6 standards:

1. Be dedicated to becoming the best soccer player that your physical talents allow you to be.

2. Be willing to work very hard while enjoying yourself.

3. Be coachable. Listen to and implement your coach’s instructions quickly and effectively.  Ask questions of the coach if the instructions are unclear.

4. Be an unselfish team player who puts the team’s needs first, before your own. Your team will be more successful if all the players play together.

5. Be committed to practicing on your own to help develop your soccer abilities. Ask your coach for extra material that you can do on your own at home.

6. Be available to mentor younger players.


3:23 Athletics
10251 Cross Station Ext.
Girard, PA 16417

Emma Jones: 434.3350
or Scott Jones: 434.4131