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Upper 90 Skills Academy

  • Sessions are centered around foot skills and ball mastery for the individual player: Dribbling, controlling the ball, properly passing/receiving the ball, and shooting.
  • Ball mastery is the very base of the soccer player's foundation of skills they will need to possess when playing in matches. We have a firm belief in that once players are 100% comfortable with the ball at their foot, they can get to the next level in the sport and pay attention to the tactical side of the game more.
  • Sessions are designed so that players get maximum touches in an environment to allow them to work on skills they are struggling with, without the competitiveness of a team looming over them. Players should expect to receive over 1,000 touches a session, compared to a regular training session which a player might only end up with a little over 200 touches.
  • Ball Mastery takes patience, practice, oversight, correction, and, you guessed it, more practice.

Upper 90 Skills Academy

March Dates

Fridays:  4:30-5:30

March 6th and March 20th
March 13th and March 27



Open to any player. This is geared to the player who wants supplemental skill training in addition to their respective team workload. Or to the player that wants to learn or advance their soccer skills prior to joining a Club or school program. This is also a  great program to keep your soccer skills sharp while participating in another sport’s season.  At just once a week you can keep your touches. This is also a great place to LEARN the proper way touch a soccer ball.  From the most advanced to basic player… this program is for you.

  • Dribbling
  • Player Skills (i.e. Inside/Outside, Step Overs, Faints)
  • Turning w/ Ball
  • Receiving
  • Shooting
  • Finishing
  • Body Shape


3:23 Athletics
10251 Cross Station Ext.
Girard, PA 16417

Emma Jones: 434.3350
or Scott Jones: 434.4131